Providing for your tomorrow

The TfL Pension Fund website is provided for members, prospective members and beneficiaries of the TfL Pension Fund (referred to as the Fund) by TfL and the trustees of the Fund. Find out about the fund and the benefits it provides to its members.

What type of member are you?

There are two categories of membership, If you were a member of the Fund when it was created on 1 April 1989 you are an Existing Member. If you joined the Fund after 1 April 1989 you are a New Member.
There are differences to the benefit structure for these two categories of membership, and we highlight those differences where they apply.
Active Member
You are currently working for TfL and are contributing to your pension.
Deferred Member
You no longer work for TfL, or have stopped making contributions to your pension.
You have retired and are receiving pension payments.
Expression of Wish

If you need to update your Expression of Wish, the form can be found here.

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Fund Info
Environmental, Social and Governance Matters
Find out about the steps the Fund and Trustee are taking to address climate change challenges and other sustainability risks.