Deferred Member

About Deferred Membership

You are a deferred member if you have left the Fund with an entitlement to retirement benefits at a future date. 

You usually take your pension at age 60 but you may take a reduced pension from your minimum retirement age.  If you joined the Fund before 6 April 2006 your minimum retirement age is 50 for those joining between 6 April 2006 and 3 November 2021 it is age 55 and for those joining on or after 4 November 2021, your minimum retirement age will increase to age 57 from 6 April 2028. 

We will write to you shortly before you reach your Normal Retirement Age with details of the options available so it is important that you tell us if you move.  You can update your address online through our Pension Web Portal or write to us to advise us of your new address, a change of address form is available in the forms section below. 

Your pension is increased each April, your pension may include an amount of Guaranteed Minimum Pension if you were contracted out of the State Second Pension this will be the case if you were a member of the Fund for any time between April 1978 and April 2016.   

Any Guaranteed Minimum Pension is increased in line with legislation. 

Any pension in excess of the Guaranteed Minimum Pension will be increase in line with the increase in the Retail Prices Index in the previous September, capped to a maximum of 5 per cent if you joined the Fund after 1 April 1989. 

We send you a benefit statement each year so that you can see the latest value of your deferred pension, these are also available to view on our Pension Web Portal where you can also run your own benefit illustrations.