As a dependant pensioner of the Fund, your pension is paid in advance every four weeks and will be paid directly into your bank or building society. 

Payments are made on a Monday unless it’s an English Bank Holiday when it will be paid on the next working day.  Details of the pay days for the year can be found under the pension pay dates section of the website. 

Any increases due on your pension are paid in the first pension payment of each tax year, further information on pension increases can be found under the Pension Increases section of the website. 

It is important to inform us as soon as possible if you move or change your bank account, if we lose contact with you we may have to suspend your pension util contact can be re-established. 

If you think that you have not received a pension payment you should first check with your bank.  If your bank is unable to locate your payment, please contact the Fund Office immediately. 

If you are receiving a pension as an eligible child we will seek confirmation of your continued education once you reach age 18.

Further information can be found in our Guide for Dependants and Eligible children in the document library.