Annual benefit statements - 2008

Annual benefit statements - 2008

Benefit statements from the TfL Pension Fund are being sent to members of staff who had at least one year's membership in the Fund by 31 March 2008. These statements will be sent directly to your home address by the end of June.

In addition to showing the benefits earned to 31 March 2008, the statement will include:

  • An estimate of benefits projected to ages 60 and 65, based on your current contributory pensionable pay
  • The lump sum payable on death in service and, if you have at least two years' membership, the benefits that might be paid to your eligible dependant and children.

When you have received your statement, please check your personal details and, if you have any questions, contact the Fund Office at:

TfL Pension Fund
4th Floor, Wing over Station
55 Broadway
Telephone: 020 7918 3733 (external) or 43733 or 1288 (internal) (TfL call charges)
Email: [email protected]

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have advised that they are unable to provide a forecast of your State Pension to include in your annual statement this year. This is because Parliament has approved a number of changes to the State Pension rules for people who reach State Pension Age after 5 April 2010.

The DWP is updating its computer systems to reflect these changes but the work will not be completed in time for the production of this year's annual benefit statements. The statements will therefore only provide details of benefits from the Fund.

If you would like more information about the changes to State Pensions please visit theĀ Pension Service homepage.

1st March 2008