New Year's resolution

New Year's resolution

Here's one resolution that you really should make and is so easy to keep - complete an Expression of Wish form so that the Trustees know who you would like the lump sum death benefit paid to in the event of your death in service.

We reminded all members to do this last summer when we issued benefit statements but still only 500 of the 12,000 who hadn't completed one did so - that still leaves a staggering 11,500 of you without one.

If we don't hold one for you, and the worst happens, it could lead to hardship for your loved ones or those dealing with your affairs; this has been brought home to us by the many cases we have seen where an Expression of Wish form was not completed. The Pension Fund is not always able to pay out the lump sum until those dealing with your affairs apply for Letters of Administration (if there is no Will) or Grant of Probate of the Will, which can take time. Worst case scenarios are that you have no blood relatives, then without a Will we cannot pay out at all or payment is made but not to the person(s) you would have hoped.

Remember that your death in service lump sum is 4 times your pensionable salary; this is a substantial sum and surely you would want to tell the Trustees what you would like to happen to it.

Click the hyperlink above to print your form or call 020 7918 3733 or 43733 to request one.

31st December 2013