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Paul Murphy

Member Nominated Trustee
Paul Murphy
Nominated by:
Appointed on:
June 12, 2008
Alternatives and Liability Hedging
Operations (Chair)

First elected to the Pensions Consultative Council - The PCC in 2001, Paul is the London Underground Current Members- Staff Side   PCC -   Nominee   on the (TfL Pension Fund)  Trustee Board of  Directors.  

Appointed as a Director of Trustee in June 2008. Paul has a wealth of Trustee experience. Formerly Vice Chair of the Appeals and Operations Committees 2013 -2014, Paul has chaired the Operations Committee since July 2015(+8 years); is also a long-standing member of the Investment Committee (since 2008) and is also a member of the Alternative Investment    Committee -ALHC (since 2015).  

Where possible and as time permits, Paul also takes a keen interest in the activities of the Audit & Risk and Actuarial Valuation Committees besides his 3 current   mandated Committee ships.   

By way of his regular day job. Paul works on the Piccadilly Line as an Instructor trainside based at Northfields Depot. 

Paul is also a current RMT Representative on the Pensions Working Group - PWG.