PCC election results 2016

PCC election results 2016

The longest serving quarter of the TfL Pension Consultative Council (PCC) retired from office on 30 November 2016. The term of office for the new appointments commenced on 1 December 2016 and will end on 30 November 2020.

In Section One (representing pensioners and deferred pensioners), Paul Kilius-Smith and Christopher Miller retired. This section received two valid nominations meaning no postal ballot was required. Mr Kilius-Smith and Mr Miller were duly re-elected with both Paul and Chris having served on Section One since December 2012 and December 1997 respectively.

In Section Two (representing TfL and its subsidiaries or contractors, excluding London Underground Limited), Luke Howard retired. In addition Stephen Ellaby retired from the PCC and as their nominated Trustee in order to take up the position of the TSSA union nominated Trustee. Two valid nominations were received and Mr Howard was re-elected. Luke has served on Section Two since December 2008. The PCC also ratified the appointment of new Councillor Samuel Laidler to take up the casual vacancy left by Mr Ellaby.

In Section Three (representing London Underground Limited and its subsidiaries and Tube Lines Limited), Eddie Darroch, Richard Head and Roy Carey all retired. Two valid nominations were received from Mr Darroch and Mr Head and they were both duly re-elected, leaving a casual vacancy in this section. Eddie and Richard have both served on Section Three since July 2011 and December 2008 respectively.

For more information about the PCC, please contact Julian Collins, PCC Secretary, on 020 7918 3789 or email [email protected].

30th November 2016