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What to do if you wish to make a complaint relating to the TfL Pension Fund.

Please contact the Service Delivery Manager at the Fund Office if you are not happy with the service that you have received, or a decision relating to Fund benefit payments.

If you are still not satisfied, then the following may be helpful.

Internal disputes resolution procedure

Our dispute resolution procedure (IDR) is designed to resolve any dispute between the Trustees, members, prospective members and beneficiaries.

If you are not happy with the response, you can ask for the Trustees Appeals Committee to consider your complaint at stage two of the IDR procedure.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS)

TPAS offers free and impartial guidance to people with workplace and personal pensions. You can contact TPAS at:

11 Belgrave Road

Telephone: 0345 601 2923
Email: [email protected]

Pensions Ombudsman

If you have gone through both stages of the Trustees' IDR procedure and are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Pensions Ombudsman. You can contact the Pensions Ombudsman at:

The Office of the Pensions Ombudsman
Government Hub
10 South Colonnade
Canary Wharf
E14 4PU

Telephone: 0800 917 4487
Email: [email protected]

The ombudsman is appointed under the Pension Schemes Act, and investigates and settles complaints and disputes of fact or law connected with pension schemes.

Decisions are legally binding on both parties.

The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator supervises occupational pension schemes and intervenes in their running where Trustees, employers or professional advisers have failed in their duties.

The Regulator also has powers to help meet its objectives of protecting members' benefits. You can contact them at:

Napier House
Trafalgar Place 
BN1 4DW 

Telephone: 0870 606 3636 
Email: [email protected] 

The Pensions Regulator took over from Occupational Regulatory Authority on 6 April 2005.