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I want to notify you of the death of a Pensioner

When a pensioner dies, their benefits will no longer be payable, however there may be benefits payable to an adult dependant and/or eligible children. 

It is very important that the pensioner's surviving spouse, civil partner, eligible cohabiting partner, next-of-kin or person dealing with their Estate notify us of their death as soon as possible to prevent an overpayment of pension.  

Please can you complete all appropriate fields of our online form below as soon as  possible  

To enable us to determine any entitlement to dependants benefits, we will shortly write to the informant quoted below, requesting more information and all relevant certificates, including the Death Certificate. Please note that we can accept photocopies of all relevant certificates.  

The TfL Pension Fund Rules provide, in certain cases, for the payment of pensions in respect of children wholly or mainly dependant on deceased members. If there are any such children under the age of eighteen, or older if still pursuing a course of full-time education, or incapacitated, we will also need copies of each child's birth certificate. For any eligible children over eighteen, we will also require evidence of either their continuing education, or their medical incapacity. 

Our Survivors Guide contains information on the benefits that may be payable and the various documents that we will ask for.  

Following receipt of your notification, we will write a letter containing forms you will need to complete and return to us at:  

TfL Pension Fund, 8th Floor, Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ 

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    Section 2 – The Informant

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