Payslips and P60s

You will receive a payslip for your first pension payment. After that, you will receive a single annual payslip at the start of each tax year, these are usually issued in the last week of April.

This will provide you with information on: 

  • Your pension increase 
  • Your predicted four-weekly pension for the year 
  • Pension pay dates 
  • Your P60 

If you require information regarding your expected annual pension in advance of receiving your annual payslip, for the purposes of any State benefits that you may receive, please contact the Fund Office. 
If your net pension changes by more than £10 compared with the previous pay period you will normally receive an additional payslip. On Week 8 of any tax year your net pension is compared with the predicted four-weekly figure quoted in the annual payslip. 
Duplicate annual or additional payslips can be provided by the Fund Office if needed. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) does not allow us to produce a duplicate P60 but we can give you a letter with your P60 details for any tax year.  

All your payslips, including those we do not send to you, as well as your P60 can be viewed online through our Pension Web Portal.