Living Overseas

If you live abroad your benefits can either be paid to a bank account in the UK or direct into an overseas bank account. 

Your Fund benefits are accrued in £sterling and will generally be paid in £sterling into a UK bank account.  The Trustee offers Fund members the opportunity to ask for their benefits to be paid overseas in local currency.  The Fund’s overseas payment facility is currently provided by Convera (previously known as Western Union).  

Convera overseas payment facility  

Convera provides a fee free service, which makes benefit payments in local currency with a margin placed on their exchange rates. This margin takes account of the following: 

  • All banking charges for sending payments are absorbed by Convera 
  • No charges are passed on for investigations and returned payments 
  • No wire payment fees are applied 
  • Expert support teams deliver overseas payments with a higher success rate than banks 
  • Customer support and payments experts make sure that payments reach members’ accounts by ensuring account information is up-to-date. All new members’ bank details are verified and checked to ensure first-time delivery 
  • Any payments that do not reach members’ accounts are corrected and re-issued at no extra cost 

So, the exchange rates applied by Convera make allowance for the additional services they provide on an all-inclusive basis.   

For overseas payments it is important that the information provided is complete and accurate and that all of the information requested on the payment mandate is provided in full, otherwise this may lead to delays in the payment reaching your account. 

A payment mandate form is available to download from the forms section below, we suggest that you ask your bank to verify that the account and payment routing details are correct. 

Country names and currency codes are provided in the list below, which need to be filled in at the top of the mandate form. If your country is not listed below, please visit the XE website to find out your currency code. 

If you are changing your bank account please do not close your existing account until your first pension payment has been credited to your new account. 

CountryCurrency Code Currency
Antigua & Barbuda XCD East Caribbean Dollar
AustraliaAUD Australian Dollar
AustriaEUR Euro
Bahamas BSD Bahamian Dollar
BangladeshBDT Bangladeshi Taka
BarbadosBBD Barbadian Dollar
Belgium EUR Euro
Belize BZD Belize Dollar
Brazil BRL Brazilian Real
Bulgaria EUR Euro
Canada CAD Canadian Dollar
Cayman Islands KYD Cayman Island Dollar
Columbia COP Columbian Peso
Croatia HRK Croatian Kina
Cyprus EUR Euro
Denmark DKK Danish Krone
Dominica XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Dominican Republic DOP Dominican Peso
Ecuador USD US Dollar
Finland EUR Euro
France EUR Euro
Gambia GMD Gambian Dalasi
Germany EUR Euro
Ghana GHS Ghana Cedi
Greece EUR Euro
Grenada XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Guinea-Bissau XOF West African CFA Franc
Guyana GYD Guyanese Dollar
Hong Kong HKD Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary HUF Hungarian Forint
India INR India Rupee
Indonesia IDR Indonesian Rupiah
Ireland EUR Euro
Israel ILS Israeli New Shekel
Italy EUR Euro
Jamaica JMD Jamaican Dollar
Kenya KES Kenyan Shilling
Luxembourg EUR Euro
Malaysia MUR Malaysian Ringgit
Malta EUR Euro
Mauritius XCD Mauritian Rupee
Monaco EUR Euro
Montserrat XCD  East Caribbean Dollar
Morocco MAD Moroccan Dirham
Nepal NPR Nepalese Rupee
Netherlands EUR Euro
New Zealand NZD New Zealand Dollar
Nigeria NGN Nigerian Nairi
Norway NOK Norwegian Krone
Oman OMR Omani Rial
Pakistan PKR Pakistani Rupee
Peru PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Philippines PHP Philippine Peso
Poland PLN Polish Zloty
Portugal EUR Euro
Saudi Arabia SAR Saudi Riyal
Seychelles SCR Seychellois Ruoee
Singapore SGD Singapore Dollar
South Africa XAR South African Rand
Spain EUR Euro
Sri Lanka LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
St Kitts & Nevis XCD East Caribbean Dollar
St Lucia XCD East Caribbean Dollar
St Vincent & the Grenadines XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Sweden SEK Swedish Krona
Switzerland CHF Swiss Franc
Tanzania TZS Tanzanian Shilling
Thailand THR Thailand Baht
Trinidad & Tobago TTD Trindad & Tobago Dollar
Tunisia TND Tunisian Dollar
Turkey TRY Turkish Lira
United Arab Emirates AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
USA USD United States Dollar
Vietnam VNDVietnamese Dong